Judul / Tajuk : A Reflective Practice of Using Digital Storytelling During Teaching Practicum  
  Tahun : 2018  
  Bibliografi : Yee B.C., Abdullah T., & Mohd Nawi, A. (2018) A Reflective Practice of Using Digital Storytelling During Teaching Practicum. In: Saeed F., Gazem N., Patnaik S., Saed Balaid A., Mohammed F. (eds) Recent Trends in Information and Communication Technology. IRICT 2017. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, vol 5. Springer, Cham  
  Abstrak / Sinopsis : Teacher education programme often encourages the pre-service teachers (PSTs) to engage in re?ective practice. It is essential during teaching practicum to apply the theories learnt in the real classroom. This study explores the use of re?ective practice in teaching children’s literature using digital storytelling. The case study involved 20 participants from an institute of teacher education in Malaysia. The instruments used were students’ product of digital storytelling, re?ective journals and interview. The ?ndings show they enhanced understanding of pedagogical content knowledge, improved teaching practice and professional development when they use digital storytelling in the classroom. The implication is for teacher educators to coach and support the PSTs to become effective re?ective practitioners.